Thursday, January 23, 2014

Tweepdash makes it easy to follow your Twitter followers!

I have nothing to disclose.

I'm working on managing my social networks a little bit better. Twitter has been an eye sore for me for a long time now. Because I was so involved with the giveaways for so long, I quickly reached the 2000 limit for how many people you can follow. (Did you even know there was a limit? I sure didn't back then!) My follows are no where near that high so obviously not everyone follows me back in return, which I find quite annoying. I understand it, but when you follow 2000 people and only 400+ follow you back, it's extremely daunting to think about how to even go about unfollowing people.. after all, Twitter doesn't exactly make it easy to tell if people are following you in return, now does it?

Fortunately, today I found Tweepdash. They make it really easy to manage your Twitter followers! Tweepdash works by linking up with your Twitter account. You will see three columns:
Celebs: "You follow them but they don't follow you back"
Fans: "They follow you, but you don't follow them back"
Friends: "You follow each other"
It's still kind of a pain to have to manually go through and unfollow people but at least this way I'm not unfollowing people who follow me! I'm sure it will get easier once I get my "Celebs" down to a more manageable number :P I did lose a couple of follows when I first started using this, but those were probably just bots. 
Now I can finally follow people again which makes me happy! I didn't like having people following me when I couldn't follow them back. Hopefully my Twitter will be much more manageable from now on as well. :)
Have a Twitter page? Please follow me and I promise to follow you in return!
Now if I could find something similar to Facebook to make sure I'm following all of those new likes I've received from #sharethelove !! ;) 


  1. Thank you for your rev.. I am working on social media myself and was looking for a review for tweepdash. I tried unfollowers previously, but because you needed to give access to the twitter account, I found my account got hacked multiple times.. Have you had any problems with unverified access to your account??

    Thanks again for the review.. Catherine