Saturday, January 18, 2014

Share the Love!

The nail polish blogging world is full of all kinds of drama what seems like most of the time, as I'm sure most if not all of us know by now. I try to keep my pretty little head out of it. Once in awhile something really good happens, and this seems to be it!

Neffy's Nail Corner explains the details behind this movement.. but for now, just let me say that I'm going to be pretty busy sharing and sharing and sharing :)  I have some ideas on this movement but for now I'm going to keep quiet, think about what more I can do and just keep sharing.

Why am I mentioning this? I went to bed today with 391 followers on Facebook. I woke up to 138 new likes in just 10 hours and there's still more flooding in!!

My thanks to these awesome women for sharing my page so far (edit: I will edit this as I keep finding more shares, this is so amazing!):

Neffy's Nail Corner
Rambles of a Polish Addict
Glam Polish
Dreamy Lacquer Company
Daphine Polish
Leesha's Lacquer 
Coloure My Obsessions 
Oh I Nailed It

These are just the ones I'm aware of. I'm sorry if I missed anyone! Want me to share your page? Let me know, and I'd be happy to! :)

Be sure to check out the NailNation 3000 Epic Share the Love Giveaway as well!

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