Monday, December 30, 2013

Pokemon nails return! Fighting type

I have nothing to disclose.

So after 8 months - almost 9 - of Slaking, I finally got back to doing my Pokemon nail art for the nail art challenge! Woohoo! It's my goal to get back to doing these and get all caught up within the next couple of months. I was aiming to start in January so I'm actually ahead, right?? 

(Yes... I'm a dork.. couldn't resist that slaking joke...)

I left off with Fighting type, and although I had an idea for it.. I just, I don't know.. didn't feel like doing it, I guess? It's kind of ironic that I left off with fighting because I've been fighting myself to get back to doing these for so long. Oh well. Anyway... I picked number 67, Machoke!

For this manicure, I started with a base of Sation I'm So Ogre It, 2 coats. Then I used my Shany nail art polishes: 3, 7, 8, 9, and 10.

I don't know why on Earth it took me so long to do this manicure.. I had the idea in my head for so so long.. and it turned out to be so easy. Even if my Machoke does look like a mutated Bulbasaur :P

I took these pictures before applying top coat, just in case I messed up my nails... so of course what did I do? I applied 1 coat of Chrome Girl matte top coat. Then I let it dry a bit, got excited about which Pokemon I'm going to do for the psychic type and started flipping through one of my Pokemon game guidebooks for ideas.

The good part is... this polish looks pretty nice matte. Except for Machoke. He is now Picasso Machoke :P

Here's a brief look at I'm So Ogre It.. just because I don't want to do a separate blog post.

 As I mentioned, this was 2 coats. It applies pretty sheer with 1 coat, so this is definitely a 2 coater. No real problems with application or any of that stuff, and I really like the color. It is just a tad bit more blue than what I thought, but for this manicure that worked perfectly.

I guess that's it for that. I hope you'll check back later to see if I've done any more Pokemon nail art... and hopefully it won't be another 9 months this time :P


  1. I love these so much! Hate when topcoat ruins a mani - only one i trust now is Seche Vite. Glad to see you back anyway :) xx

    1. thanks Rachael! I love Seche Vite too but ohh it's ruined many of my manicures. I get way too much shrinkage sometimes :(