Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas!

I have nothing to disclose.

 I got a couple nail related surprises for Christmas so I wanted to show them off :) I also have one very last Christmas manicure to share with you this year... then I'm back to finishing up my Dreamy Lacquer reviews!

First up, my sister bought me the butter London Double Take Ice Duo set which looks amazing. The Daily Varnish reviewed this set, and the swatches look amazing.. Bluecoat looks absolutely gorgeous just from the swatch I did on my wheel and this is one awesome look flakie! I'll definitely have to try out this set before too long.

I asked my mom for some flocking powder, and she got me this Bundle Monster set of 36 colors! It looks like one or more of the containers was a little loose and some of the powder went all over the place inside the packaging.. but that's OK, I have a ton of powder to work with.

On that note... I have so many awesome looking polishes and nail art products that I still haven't tried. So for 2014 I'm setting a goal to get caught up on the Pokemon nail art challenge in January and February, and aside from special occasions such as my birthday.. I'm going on a no-buy! I need to try out so many of the products I have instead of buying more and more stuff :) I hope you guys like nail art, because that means there should be quite a bit of it on my blog next year!

Anyway, here's the last of my Christmas manicures for this year. First, I applied Barielle's Elle's Spell which is a jelly red base with red/gold shifting flakies. This is two coats. I didn't get fantastic pictures of it on my nails, but you can see how pretty this is in the bottle at least :P

 Then I applied Zoya Opal, 1 coat. Opal is a green flakie, so this combination made for a really gorgeous Christmas color themed double flakie!

I topped the accent with one coat of Pop Culture Cosmetics Sleigh Bells, just to add some extra glitter and sparkle and make it even more glittery obnoxiously sparkly.

(Pardon the mess here.. this was a quickie manicure of sorts as I was just getting started with it and company arrived!)

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and hope I'm not the only one that good spoiled with pretties :) Thanks for reading!

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