Sunday, December 8, 2013

Jior Couture: Bonjour Hens Review

I was provided with this polish in exchange for an honest review.

I was really super excited to get Bonjour Hens in the mail. I've been wanting some more white creme based glitters, and this one is definitely unique in my collection. Here's a brief description of Bonjour Hens, from Jior Couture: "White crelly base with black diamond glitter and silver and gold hex glitter."

The formula for this one is absolutely perfect. No complaints here! The glitters do sink quite a bit so I did spend quite some time twirling the bottle between my fingers, but otherwise no issues. Oh, I should have mentioned that I was provided with mini size bottles just for review. Full sized bottles are available!

I applied 3 coats to get to a nice opacity. Since Bonjour Hens is a crelly, it's pretty sheer. Next time I think I'll use a nice white as a base with a couple coats of Bonjour Hens on top. I think you can see in my picture, although the base is white it ends up being more of a peachy color in some light. I actually didn't mind this.

 Here it is in better light, and you can see that it's still not true white but that's OK. I love the colors for this one, and I think it makes a great addition to Jior Couture's Holiday colors. The white, black, silver and gold colors remind me of New Years Eve colors, so this would be an awesome polish to wear for that occasion. Diamond glitter seems to be pretty popular this year, and I do really like the use of it in this polish. It plays in nicely to the theme of New Years, when many people like to play cards.

I saw this polish, and my first thought went to Zoya Ziv as an accent nail.. and these little black diamond studs I got from KKCenterHK. I thought it would make an excellent accent nail. What do you think? I think it turned out pretty well!

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Bonjour Hens is available from Jior Couture's online store for $7.50 in full size. My thanks to Jior Couture for providing me with this sample.

What do you think of Bonjour Hens? Please let me know!