Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dreamy Lacquer Company: Blaine, Patricia, and Cradle of Lud

I was provided with these samples in exchange for an honest review.

 I have 3 more Dark Tower polishes from Dreamy Lacquer Company to share with you today. These are unreleased polishes.. and honestly, it's been a few years since I've read the Dark Tower books so I actually had to look it up to get the references. I laughed when I did though.. now the polishes make more sense ;)

This trio reminds me a little bit of the Zoya Lovely colors from last year, or at least Blaine does. These colors are perfect for the traditional pastel spring colors and I love the pastel pink and blue theme, perfect for Spring time, when.. to put it gently, love is in the air and new life is being created. I know the blue and pink colors were inspired by the Dark Tower, but it still seems very fitting and perfect for the coming season.

OK, moving on.. first up is Blaine, which is a gorgeous pink metallic shimmer. This one is pretty sheer, but I felt it covered well in 2 coats. Normally I'm not a fan of pastels, but I found with both Blaine and Patricia, that I love both of the colors and I think they work a bit better on me because they are metallic.

I love the frost like finish of both Patricia and Blaine, in addition to being beautiful shades for Spring, I feel these polishes are perfect for Winter as well because of the finish. I'm not sure if you can make it out in the pictures, but Blaine has just a hint of holo shimmer to it. It's really a very pretty polish.

Now here's Patricia for you! (Btw, if you're wondering why the pink has a boy's name, and the blue has a girl's name.. read the books! ;))

This is two coats of Patricia. I think I would prefer this one with 3 coats. I didn't realize how sheer it was with 2 coats until I saw the pictures later. It really doesn't look that sheer in person, but you can see where it didn't quite cover evenly with just 2 coats. This one reminds me of the Bombardier's Eyes concept polish I received by accident.. except this one has just a touch of duochrome to it and of course it's also more opaque. The duochrome effect isn't enough that's it's really obvious on camera, but enough that you can see just a hint of a grayish sheen in real life. Really pretty color.

Last is the glitter, Cradle of Lud. This one has small circular glitter, and larger blue diamond glitter. The colors are just a shade darker than Blaine and Patricia. Normally, I wouldn't use similar colors together, but this one was just screaming at me to use it with these two. I think it turned out nicely, and I actually love how it looks over Blaine. This one I think would look very nice over a white cream (just not on me!) or maybe over a bright or dark purple. Something else to play with at another time :)

I had no issues with any of these polishes. They all three dried quickly. Patricia is a little bit more sheer than I would have liked, but otherwise it's very pretty. As I mentioned, I'm not typically big on pastel colors so I was really surprised by how much I do like these. The colors are gorgeous, the formulas are perfect and I love how well the colors play together.

Dreamy Lacquer polish is available at $8 for a full size bottle at their online store. Minis are also available at $3.25.

You can find Dreamy Lacquer on Facebook, Twitter, and be sure to check out their blog.

My thanks again to the Dreamy Lacquer Company for providing me with these samples.

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