Monday, December 23, 2013

Above the Curve: Oh, the Who-manity!

I purchased this polish.

Last year I purchased Above the Curve's Oh, the Who-manity! as my singular Christmas polish present to myself. I never did get the chance to wear it all by itself so of course I had to this year.

When I bought this, for whatever reason I thought it was just a plain white creme base.. and it's not. So while this polish is gorgeous, I'm still a bit disappointed about that.. I will have to find something similar in a white creme base, I think. Anyway..

This is 3 coats. It's a nice opacity at 3 coats, otherwise it's a bit sheer. This one I did have quite a bit of trouble working with after the first coat. The formula was  a bit thick and hard to work with. I don't think it ever dried correctly either. I used the glue method as a base coat, but even so the polish removed itself from my nails after just a few hours. It started to chip after about 3 hours. Bummer!

I do love how this one looks, it's definitely very festive and very pretty! The shimmer is completely gorgeous! I just wish the quality of the polish were a bit nicer. I think maybe next time I used this (probably in another year..) I'll have to try layering it. See if that helps with the dry time, chipping, etc.

Here's one more look at this pretty polish just for the sake of it. I do love how pretty this is layered over itself!

I'm not sure if I'll get a chance to post again before Christmas, so just in case...


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