Monday, November 11, 2013

Wing Dust Collections Grape Crush and some stamping

I won / was given these polishes.

Today I have a gorgeous polish by Wing Dust Collections to show you, by the name of Grape Crush. I also have some more stamping to show you! I've been practising and I'm getting better, yay!

Grape Crush is a gorgeous sheer blurple polish full of tiny holo shimmer, iridescent glitter, square and hexagon glitters in white, silver and purple. Here it is with just one coat, please pardon the build up of polish on my pointer finger :P

This polish would be fantastic for use as a topper, or just by itself. I can see this being a great color to use with just one thin coat for a wedding or some other special event. It really is gorgeous all just by itself.

Here it is with 2 coats. I think I must have gotten it a little heavier on a few of my nails, such as the pointer. This is a bit easier to do with this polish unfortunately. However, it does dry quickly so if you want to add more coats, not a problem! This polish would be perfect as a Winter manicure, also! It does remind me a little bit of butter London Knackered, but with glitter :)

I applied a 3rd coat on my accent nail, and then used Julep Gayle and Bundle Monster plate BM 217 to add some stamped accents to the tips. Gayle worked absolutely perfectly for stamping! I was so happy with the results. I'll definitely be keeping this one handy for stamping.. and I'll have to try some of my other Juleps to see how well they stamp. I think maybe I've been using the wrong polishes all this time. I'm really happy how this came out.. now I just need to work on getting the design centered on my nails :P

Looking through my pictures, I realized that you really couldn't see many of the glitters from this polish. I think they mostly settled to the bottom of the jar, even though I did leave it upside down for several minutes before painting my nails. Oh well, still a gorgeous polish and I can't wait to use this one again with some layering.

(I forgot to post my epilepsy comment of the day so let that be a lesson to you.. having epilepsy definitely makes you more forgetful about some things :P)


  1. It's still really pretty and sparkly, and I like it very much! I don't know about the stamping though, I've always thought those french tip stamps were kinda weird. I can never get them right.

    1. me neither obviously.. but I've seen so many pretty ones, I just had to try it!