Tuesday, November 12, 2013

TIOT: In which I try to recreate Fantasy Fire

I bought or won these polishes.

 This is a bit late, but I haven't done a Try it on Tuesday post in ages so I thought I'd go ahead and do one now. I guess technically I've used this polish in the past but not for over a year, and never full swatches on it's own. So here's Zoya Carly, 2 coats.

Zoya describes Carly as : "Very rich, bold, red-toned dark purple with iridescent red and silver metallic shimmer and a dense foil finish. The bold color and sparkling foil finish make Carly like gift wrap for your nails." It is a 5 on the opaque scale, making it as opaque as you can get. In fact, it was pretty darn opaque with just 1 coat.

I love this color, and I love the foil finish. I know foils aren't everyone's favorite but every now and then I do enjoy them. Ithink this would be a great shade for this time of year.

Even though Carly is gorgeous by itself, I decided to top it with my franken Fantasy Fire dupe I won in a giveaway last year. Unfortunately this didn't photograph so well but I think you can see plenty of the "fire" and color shifting which make this absolutely stunning.

I think if anything else, even though my photos of my nails don't capture the full beauty of this franken, the photos of the bottles sure do capture a lot of it!

 This next picture is a bit blurry, sorry about that.. but it's the best picture I got which this color shift. You can definitely see the fire in this picture!

I really love this franken, which is sad because it's running kind of low which means it's getting a bit thick and gunky! I may have to try thinning it out a bit... or just somehow magically get my hands on the real Fantasy Fire :P For the meantime, this franken is a clear winner and I love how this combination turned out.

For today's Epilepsy Awareness post, I am going to OVER emphasis how VITAL sleep is. Your body repairs itself during sleep and without enough sleep, any one can feel out of sync and goofy. Sleep deprivation is probably my number one trigger (although thank goodness over the years I somehow haven't had seizures despite going long periods of time with only 2 - 3 hours a night.)

As I'm writing this, I slept about 6 hours today. That's probably about the minimum I would want to get. Even with 6 hours I'm functioning but not very well - as I type this I can tell it's draining me faster than it normally would.

One more reason sleep is so important - especially to those of us with epilepsy - is that because your body heals during sleep, the opposite is also true. Not enough sleep can actually cause brain damage. When you have epilepsy, more brain damage is about the last thing you want or need.

It's also very important for us to sleep on a schedule. Some people can get away with flip flopping their sleep, or breaking it into different shifts. Staying up all night long and going to bed 5 hours later than normal really isn't good for you but of course it's worse for those of us with epilepsy. The sleep deprivation could cause a seizure.

And now my mind is blanking because I'm so tired so I will go ahead and wrap this up :P Thanks for reading!!