Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nail mail from the Netherlands!

My good friend Narmai of Piggieluv.com sent me some nail mail recently and I just got it in the mail today! :)

Let me show you all of the awesome Dutch goodies Narmai sent me :) First of all, nail art supplies!

We were talking and trying to figure out what to send each other, and Narmai asked if there were any nail art supplies I don't have.. so she sent me a bunch! Ohhh lookie, flocking powder! I'm going to have to try that out like.. this week sometime since it's purple :) She also sent me some sliced fimo which is awesome because I don't have many of those and still haven't tried out the ones I do have. There's also some studs and glitter in there, too!

You may have also noticed, she sent me a little wooden clog that could be used on a keychain.. but which I'm going to add to my little Christmas tree :) Really nice, neat little gift, I thought!

She sent me a couple extra stamping plates she had, too! Good, I need to practice! :P

So in addition to the nail art goodies, she also sent me a few Dutch treats to try out! First up are these little licorice candies. I don't even know how to describe these things, the flavor is very unique. They're kind of salty, with just a bit of sour and not sweet. They're also not really gummy like our licorice here in the states. I wish I had like.. taste-o-vision for the Internet or something just so you could taste these. They really are unique.. they're good, just very different! But different is good :)

Next are pepernoten, which are yummy!! They remind me very much of ginger snaps. They really are quite good.  Narmai, I can see why you love these so much and I'm sorry you can't have any.. I'm definitely enjoying them for you this year! Yum yum!

My personal request was some marzipan because I haven't had any good real marzipan in.. oh.. let's just say too many years. Look how cute these are! :) I honestly hadn't thought about them being in little shapes so it was a neat little surprise to see them. I love the little piggie :)

Of course Narmai also sent me some polish.. so I'm excited to say I have my first real Dutch indie polish & more European goodies!! I've been eyeballing some of these brands for awhile :P

Just look at all those goodies, will you? Ok, I will open them :D (I was talking to Narmai on Facebook while opening my package.. she was getting quite impatient with me as I saved the polish to open last, haha.)

Narmai got me Let it Snow, a gorgeous winter glitter polish from Let it Glitter, a Dutch indie polish maker. I will definitely be using this one soon! She also sent me Essence express dry drops, which will definitely come in handy. That last item is a black glitter with kind of a holo sparkle to it. The labeling is pretty nondescript but at least in the bottle this one looks really pretty, also! Narmai knows my tastes so well :)

Narmai also got me a couple of Herome polishes! I've been eyeballing this brand for over a year now except Narmai had to inform me that no, the brand is not called WIC (and I will forever and always think of these as "wick" polishes.)  She sent me Minsk and Dublin :) She also sent me a gorgeous little mini polish by Etos Effect Nails. It looks like I have one more little purple polish to try out before the end of the month!

Last but not least, check out this pretty little franken she made for me using spectraflair!! Ohhhh I'm dying! Can't wait to try this one out and the color will be perfect for my winter nails :)

Now I have my very own PiggieLuv :)

Thanks to my awesome buddy, Narmai for all of my amazing goodies and for being extremely patient with me as I haven't sent her package yet. You'll be seeing more of these polishes soon!


  1. You were SO mean keeping me waiting like that! Talking about 'ooh look at this' and 'ooh I like that', but no comment on the polish!

    I didn't even consider that the purple flocking powder would be perfect for Epilepsy Awareness month. I just had a whole bunch of that stuff, and wanted to share :-) Haha "yum yum" you are so cute! I'm glad you like the candy, they are my favorites around this time of year!

    I'm really looking forward to see you play with all of your new goodies :D And that package will come to me in its own time, I can be patient (no I really can't but it's the polite thing to say). Have fun with everything!

    1. I didn't do it on purpose, I swear! I just wanted to save the polish for last :P

      yes, thank you for sharing! I need more flocking powder so I'm happy to have it :) cookies and candy are perfect for this time of year, agreed!

      well.. don't be too impatient... not much longer before I get your package to you!