Thursday, November 28, 2013

Indigo Bananas Halloween polishes

I won these items.

A couple of weeks ago, I won some Indigo Bananas polishes in a giveaway from The Mercurial Magpie. There was a mistake with the original shipment of my prize, so Andrea was awesome enough to offer me an extra polish and how was I supposed to say no to that??? I got to pick out three polishes of choice, so I went with three polishes from her Halloween/Fall 2013 line: Medusa Transducer, Enchante and The Secret to Life.

- shown here, Medusa Transducer, 1 coat -

First up, Medusa Transducer: "'Medusa Transducer' won't turn you to stone (well maybe make your nails look like stone... stone that glows, with the fire of Halloween ;)), but it will apply as a charcoal, near black jelly polish with orange-gold-green shifting iridescent glitter, a mix of microshimmers, and will glow teal in the dark once charged."

 I found this polish to get a bit goofy with multiple coats (might be our high humidity here) so I would recommend using this one as a topper.

I have to say, the glow effect for these polishes is AMAZING! These are simply the best glow polishes I've seen. Here's the shop description: "polish will then glow very strongly for 10 minutes, strongly for 45 minutes, and then slowly fade to a medium glow for 90min or so. After that point it will be at a low-medium glow for hours."  Yeah, she's not kidding about that!

My camera is virtually incapable of capturing glow in the dark polish without at least a black light on. So to emphasis how much this polish actually glows.. here's a picture, with absolutely no light!
 Ok, it's not the best picture in the world but dang it.. my camera actually captured something! The glow effect for this polish really is pretty amazing.

Next up is Enchante: "'Enchanté' is a (true) red jelly polish with black glitter, that glows blue in the dark. Note: the glow on this polish is less bright than other glow polishes, because red + blue glow interferes in some way. However, there is a really neat effect for this polish - when charged, and you are in dim lighting (but not darkness) the color on your nails is violet/purple/pink depending on how it's glowing. It's a fully visible glow when charged, just not as super duper bright as the other glow polishes or top coats."

I wouldn't call this one true red.. it's a very pretty pink which does of course darken with multiple layers. This one reminds me of watermelon :P The glow effect is absolutely awesome for this one! I think Enchante is my favorite of these three.. the color is just so pretty.

Last is my bonus prize, The Secret to Life: "'The Secret to Life' is a dark purple jelly polish filled with a complex mix of flakies - pink, purple, silver, blue predominantly are visible, along with larger (real) silver flakies and violet iridescent shreds that shift color from green-blue to blue to violet depending on the light to give a glowing effect."

 I was kind of disappointed with this one, at least by itself. It was a bit lumpy with multiple coats, and well, kind of boring. I think I'm going to have to try this one layered over some different colors sometime.. I feel pretty confident it will look prettier layered. Plus, no glow in the dark effect for this one :(

Thanks again to Kirby & Andrea for my prizes! Especially Andrea for providing me with the extra polish, it was greatly appreciated :)

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  1. Enchante is so beautiful! Thanks for posting and again for being so patient with the mixup! <3 :)