Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hello Kitty cookies

I won these.

I haven't done a non-polish post in ages, so looking through some of my old pictures I thought I'd start off with a series of posts that I meant to blog about and never got to :P

Ages and ages and ages ago (yes, I know I'm terrible), I won a giveaway from Bunny & Spice. If you're not familiar with Noire, she lives in Japan so she blogs about a ton of neat and interesting things about living there in Japan - everything from beauty products, food, animals.. lots of fun stuff if you're interested in different cultures. Noire was awesome enough to send me a TON of great stuff in her giveaway. Today I just want to share one of those prizes with you... Hello Kitty cookies!!

My 6 year old niece loves Hello Kitty big time so of course I had to share these with her.. which is partly why I'm just now blogging about this. It was a matter of time before I actually got a chance to babysit her and share this with her, and so on.

The cookies are basically just shortbread cookies, and there are a number of different designs the characters come in. The cookies come in a little foil bag, as pretty much typical for American kids snacks.  The back of the packaging, however, had a little cutout Hello Kitty paper "doll" you could take apart to play with. Suzie enjoyed this - at least when it was new. I do remember that something about the doll was hard to figure out how to put it together correctly, I don't remember what exactly... it might have been the top, fitting it together to close? I forget now.

As far as I remember, the cookies themselves weren't anything special and we didn't even finish them all (well, I did, later). They weren't terrible, either!

That's it for now I suppose. Thanks for reading and please come back to my blog again. I'll have more polish posts for you probably tomorrow :)


  1. Yeaaahhhh bite their heads off!!!! Not a fan of HK, unless I get to maul their bodies

    1. that is mean and evil but it made me laugh :D