Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cloud manicure time & take a look at this concept polish!

I bought or won these polishes.

 Today I have this special beauty to share with you, along with a cloud manicure I did. I won Above the Curve's Guardian Angel Concept Polish a little while back in one of their Facebook giveaways! You can find my review of the regular Guardian Angel polish here.

For comparison's sake, here's Guardian Angel CP on the left and regular Guardian Angel on the right. Here's a brief analysis of the differences in these two polishes:
CP is more sheer than it's counterpart. Even with 2 coats it's pretty sheer, which would actually make it a great topper!
CP is more of a lavender color will the normal GA is just a bit more plum colored.
It's hard to tell from my pictures, but I do believe the holo effect is actually a little bit stronger in CP!

The differences are very very small and honestly I don't think most people would even notice unless you put them side by side.

So as gorgeous as Guardian Angel CP is, I decided to cover it up a little bit with some nail art. I saw a cloud manicure on Facebook and I thought that would be fun to try, because I don't *think* I've done it before. So I started with Chrome Girl Pleasure Treasure, which is a gorgeous creme. I have to tell you, the Chrome Girl polishes I've used so far are perfect, quick dry time and mostly 1 coaters.

Guardian Angel CP looks quite a bit more pink here, yes? That's one of the minor differences in the colors between the two Guardian Angel polishes.

I decided I wanted a nice contrast with my third color.. nothing to take away from GACP, but something that would contrast with Pleasure Treasure a bit. So I picked up Shany number 24 from their nail art set for the tips, just to give it a bit more of a metallic shimmer on the tips.

Mike informed me that my "clouds" look more like steps.. but you know what? I like them and don't care! I guess that will be my epilepsy mention of the day - having to learn to live with the fact that I am most definitely NOT perfect which as a perfectionist, this was VERY hard to live with (or rather I should say, it is difficult to live with) in part because no of course I wasn't perfect to begin with but all of the issues I've had as a result of epilepsy has caused more flaws :P

Here's one more look at this pretty manicure and only because I managed to get a good shot of the holo effect with Guardian Angel CP! Look at that prismatic effect, ohhh so pretty :)

Let me know what you think of this manicure :)

Do you own any concept polish? I think it's pretty darn cool that Above the Curve sells some of theirs.. gives us a chance to get a look at how their polishes are modified during the creation process.

Thanks to Angel and Shawn for this beauty!


  1. I think your clouds look great! Don't listen to Mike, what does he know about nails? As soon as he can do it better, he can judge (a tiny little bit). And it's a great comparison between Guardian Angel and Guardian Angel CP. I never knew what a concept polish was. Well done!

    1. you're forgetting, Mike is an actual artist :P but thanks!

  2. I love this mani.. colors looks beautiful