Saturday, November 23, 2013

Blog update

Sorry for the massive amounts of blog updates as of late.. I just wanted to post for a second and apologize for the lack of nail polish posts this past week! I'm working on cleaning up my blog a bit and doing some behind the scenes stuff to improve my blog, make it easier to navigate.. all of that fun stuff. It's taking up quite a bit of time because I do have a lot of cleaning up to do, so I will be back at it with the nail posts in a couple of days :)

I have 3 Halloween polishes to share with you (because I just got them recently) and hopefully a couple more posts for National Epilepsy Awareness Month, plus I hope to do something special for Thanksgiving.. then it's on to my favorite time of the year! Christmas manicures, woohooooo!!


  1. Behind the scenes stuff needs to happen too, it's okay! I like what you're doing with your blog, lots of improvements :D