Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sweet Heart Polish: Glamorous

I bought this polish.

 So I'm a bit behind on my posts because.. blah, I apparently have the flu! No fun :( I haven't even felt like doing my nails.. regardless, please bare with me as I try to get through this post. I have a bunch of polishes for official review all swatched and everything but hopefully I feel better soon because at the moment it doesn't seem like I'm capable of streaming together a sentence. Anyway..

A few months ago I was out shopping and saw a really pretty and funky gold glitter polish and I thought, oh, I don't have anything like that.. I need something like that. I forget now exactly what it was, but I didn't get it because it was pricey. Instead, I bought Sweet Heart Polish's Glamorous! (Because yes, I would rather pay more for an indie than for a brand name polish!)

Glamorous is described as: "...a mix of gold glitter, iridescent glitter, purple stars and squares & large holographic pink dots in a clear suspension base."

I have 2 different manicures to share with you today. The first I used Glamorous along with a texture polish, Julep Tracy. I got these two polishes at about the same time, and I just kept looking at them together and I thought they would go great together.

 -natural light-

This polish looks gorgeous over dark shades, so next I had to try it out over a black base so I picked Ulta Underneath It All.




I love this polish! I did have to hunt and dab for some of the circular glitter but otherwise no problems.

You can find Sweet Heart Polish on Etsy here:

You can purchase Glamorous in full size bottle for $9.

You can also find Sweet Heart Polish on Facebook:


  1. Oooohh Glamorous looks wonderful over Tracy! I am going to make that my next mani! Thank you again Melanie <3 :)

    1. Glad you like the combo, and thank you!! :)

  2. fabulous manicure- hope you are feeling better :)