Friday, October 18, 2013

Playing with generic Halloween polish

I have nothing to disclose.

Last year I tried out some Halloween generic black nail polish and got really angry about how awful it was. I can't remember now if I even blogged about it or not.. regardless, I can't seem to find it among all of my old posts. Anyway, you live and you learn and awhile ago I decided to try it out again.

This happened:

That's right, it cracked. It's not supposed to be a crackle, and I'm almost positive it did not do this last year. So I don't know if the formula is going bad, if it was just the rainy weather or what happened. I did this over a glue base so that's another consideration. I guess I will have to try this one again sometime and see if it does it again.

This is what the polish looks like. My sister in law & her husband bought it a couple of years ago, and I think they probably bought it at Walmart (though it does say Funworld on the back of the bottle, dated March 2010. Not sure if that means anything.)

Here's a few more quick shots which I'm not even going to bother to edit.. just so you can see, it wasn't just that one nail that cracked.

Pretty weird, right? Definitely not the solid black polish I thought this would be!

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