Friday, October 18, 2013

Claire's Cosmetics: Candy Shop

I won this polish.

Today I am finally getting started with some Halloween themed manicures.. I may just have to write a few posts when I get a chance to get caught up :P I thought it would be fun to use all of my candy themed polishes this month, so the first one I'm doing is actually a pink based glitter by Claire's Cosmetics called Candy Shop. This is an entirely obnoxious glitter bomb I would have to say.

This one I think I would use layered next time.. I did 3 coats, I believe, for this.. with the glue method and it was still kind of a pain to remove. This is a fun glitter but it's a bit too much for me. I think I'd be happier with it layered instead.. maybe a fun jelly sandwich will be instore the next time I decide to use this.
I think you can also tell from the pictures, even with multiple coats, this one is pretty sheer.. so layering is definitely a requirement for those of us who typically prefer more opaque polishes. It could also make a great accent nail, and I do think it would be a fun polish for birthdays.

My label says this was $5, which I suppose isn't terrible but I'm not sure I personally would have paid that much for this one. In my opinion it's more on lines with some of the cheaper polishes, such as Sinful Colors or Wet n Wild. This is the only Claire's polish I own, so I would kind of like to get my hands on some others by them to try them out.

edit: I forgot, this is supposed to be a dupe of Deborah Lippmann's Candy Shop. judging by some of the swatches I've seen, it looks awfully close!  Much more affordable than Deborah Lippmann, for certain!

Have you tried Claire's polishes? If so, any favorites?

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