Sunday, September 8, 2013

Review: Jior Couture Hey Lady The Voodoo You Do

Press sample.

Today I have two Jior Couture polishes to share with you. The first one is called Hey Lady, and I'll admit that it's definitely not something I would have picked out for myself.

Hey Lady is a "soft blue toned pink with golden, holo shimmer."

In short, it has a peachy hue to it, which is not one of my favorite colors. However, I can appreciate how pretty this polish is. The shimmer is gorgeous, and I think the color actually looks nice on me. I believe this color would be great for wearing to work, but it would also be perfect for a wedding.

 (please pardon my short pointer finger nail... for whatever reason that nail keeps breaking on me.)

This is 2 coats of Hey Lady, which as you can see is fairly translucent. It's much more opaque with 3 coats. The remaining pictures are with 3 coats.

The Voodoo You Do is a "fuchsia, blue, gold holo square glitter in clear base" topper.

I love this name, and although it's a very simple polish, I'm really pretty happy with it. I have no complaints about this polish, except I do want to point out that because the label is clear it's a bit difficult to read. That's a very little detail, with no problems with either of these polishes! I felt these two polishes went really well together, and my boyfriend commented that they made him think of a woman in a bikini for some reason.

I was also provided with a full size bottle of the Cover Me top coat - HUGE YAY, as I love this stuff! It seriously dries quickly, and I haven't had any shrinking problems with it. I may just start using this instead of Seche Vite. Love, love, love.

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Hey Lady is available from Jior Couture's online store for $7.50 in full size. My thanks to Sacha for providing me with these samples.

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