Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Above the Curve Party Polish Orange.... Spotted

I won Party Polish Orange, and I purchased OPI Black Spotted. This post contains an affiliate link.

A couple of weeks ago I won a grab bag from Above the Curve, hurray! Today I'm going to show you one of the polishes I won, a gorgeous orange holo by the name of Party Polish Orange.

 I love this color, and it's absolutely perfect for Autumn. The holo is stunning, but what sets this polish aside from other holos is the inclusion of little orange hex glitters.
 Look at that holo effect!

Here it is in natural light.

I also recently got my hands on a bottle of OPI Black Spotted and I felt it would look awesome over Party Polish Orange. It definitely created a nice Halloweenish manicure. I found Black Spotted was easiest to apply as a very thin coat, otherwise you don't get the full spotted effect. I love this polish, and I love this combination!

(In case you're wondering, I bought OPI Black Spotted from <affiliate link> check their site often, because they have random specials.. who knows if they will ever have Black Spotted available again!)

Thanks to Above the Curve for this gorgeous polish!

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