Saturday, August 24, 2013

Review: Daphine Polish Hathor

Press Sample

Today I'm continuing with showing you yet another polish from Daphine Polish, and I'm delighted to share that it's from their brand new collection, Goddess of the Two Lands. Here's a brief description with some background information about Hathor.

(image source:

"An emerald green with gold holographic glitter and a hint of holographic sparkle, Hathor is the goddess of feminine love and motherhood. She wears a headdress of horns in which sits the solar disk and uraeus (upright cobra) of royalty. She was one of the most popular goddesses in Ancient Egypt and was deeply loved by nobility and commoner alike. She was revered by women who sought to emulate her as the ideal wife, mother, and lover. The Ancient Greeks identified Hathor as their goddess Aphrodite."

(2 coats, flash, and 3 coats, flash)

To be honest, I'm pretty torn with this polish. The formula was a little difficult to work with. There isn't anything in particular I can point to. It reminds me a little bit of the Sally Hansen Chromes for whatever reason. I found the formula a little wonky, just because the glitter makes it a little lumpy with multiple coats. I think I would prefer this with one coat over black or white just to get a more even finish.

(l to r: 1 coat over black, 1 coat over white, 3 coats, 2 coats, 1 coat)

 (2 coats, normal light)

The color itself is pretty, but I would not describe it as emerald. It has almost a frost like finish, is fairly metallic but also has a hint of iridescence. It is definitely more emerald with three coats, but even with just 2 coats I found it to be a lovely color perfect for Autumn. With two coats it has more of a blueish grey sheen, which reminds me a bit of slate.

(2 coats, flash)

I can't really say that I love this polish, but I definitely do not hate it either.

 I may just be overly influenced by reading too much Harry Potter as of late, but this color makes me think of Slytherin which I suppose does fit well with the cobra theme associated with Hathor. So going with this theme, I thought Hathor would look awesome paired with my Tip Top gold crackle, and I was right!

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Hathor is available on her Etsy shop for a $10 full size 16.5 ml bottle and it is 3 free.

Thank you to Joanne for providing me with this sample. Also, I should note I was provided with a mini, not a full size bottle.

I have one more Daphine Polish to show you some time next week :) Please leave your comments, I'd love to see what you think of Hathor!

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