Thursday, August 22, 2013

NOTD: Undies

I have nothing to disclose. I purchased 1 of these items, the other was a giveaway prize.

 Sorry there hasn't been much activity on the blog as of late. I've been really busy with setting up my aquarium, but also getting adjusted to Mike's new work schedule. He's now working 12 hour shifts, which means more computer time for me but it's also meant quite an adjustment in planning and preparing meals.. not to mention adjusting to a different sleep schedule. So anyway, once I do get settled down and adjusted, I have a lot planned to share with you and I should have a lot more time to do it!

Over the next couple of days or so, I will have some reviews of 3 Daphine Polish colors. First though, I'm sharing the undies for one of those polishes.

For this manicure, I started with 2 coats of Maybelline Downtown Brown, one of the limited edition colors from their 2012 fall collection. Now I normally hate brown polish, but this is my little exception. Downtown Brown is of course brown, but it's an iridescent polish which shimmers a gorgeous green. Pretty unique, and I love the effect.

(Please pardon the brown over my cuticles, stubborn cuticles!)

I love this color because honestly, brown polish makes me feel like I have poop or chocolate on my nails, but with the iridescence of this polish it's not so bad.

To get the right look I wanted for my finished manicure, I topped this off with Sally Hansen's Sturdy Sapphire. This is a very pretty blue polish, except it's much more sheer than I realized when I bought it. But that's OK, because it definitely comes in handy having a pretty blue sheer polish. This is one coat over my 2 coats of Downtown Brown.

(again, please pardon the mess....)

You can see here just how sheer Sturdy Sapphire is, but for my completed manicure this really didn't matter.

Here's one last look without the flash. I love how these two polishes look together, very pretty combination when layered.

I'll have the final completed manicure to share with you probably tomorrow. Until then, I hope you enjoyed my swatches :)

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