Sunday, June 2, 2013

Meet Sidney!

I have nothing to disclose.

Today we received a surprise phone call - Mike's mom wanted to know if we wanted her cat, Sidney. About a year or so ago she got a new kitten, and the kitten and Sidney haven't been getting along very well. She just got a new puppy and I think she was worried Sidney wouldn't be very happy with the new puppy either. So now, finally, we have a cat! He's about 13 years old, very large and very FAT! He's extremely friendly and very lovable. I can tell already he's going to be very happy in our home. So prepare for some kitty spam because I do love cats and I love sharing pictures and stores of them! Guess I have one new topic to blog about as well - and I'm definitely going to let Sidney pick out some of my polishes some time in the future :D

 (I don't think he's too happy with me - apparently he's very particular about food and we gave him some tuna as a special treat to welcome him. I don't think he's that crazy about it but he's not getting any else for awhile :P )

(I wasn't sure if he'd play or not since he's so old, but he does seem to like to attack feathers for a second or two.)

(Still not happy with me - he is the most vocal cat I've been around so far! )

As I was typing this up, I just had my first scare. Sidney had been awfully quiet, and I went to check on him and discovered one of the kitchen screen windows was missing! I thought OH NO!! Not already! I thought for certain he had gotten outside. He was a good boy though and had stayed in the house (and now I have to wonder how long that window had been missing, urgh!) Hopefully this means he's happy here :)

I promise I'll get back to manicure related posts soon, but first here's a few good reasons why pets are good for your health - specifically why they're good for headaches (unless you're allergic of course!)

Headaches can be caused by a lot of different things, and these kind of go hand in hand:

- loneliness
- high blood pressure

Quite often when you're lonely all the time, it also makes you depressed or vice versa and those two things can really cause a lot of health problems, such as high blood pressure. Having just one pet can help fill the void of loneliness, and it gives you the perfect friend - someone who is always there, depends on you, listens to you but doesn't necessarily have a bunch of criticisms to give back :P I remember hearing a long time ago about a study that said cats in particular are very good for lowering blood pressure! Come to think of it, pets have to be pretty helpful in dealing with tension headaches as well, although I'll talk more about those later.

I for one have been very unhappy and there have been many times I felt very depressed over the past few years, simply because we didn't have any cats. I've had cats almost my entire life and I just don't feel right without them. I'm extremely happy to have Sidney in my home and in my life. I hope we have many happy years together!


  1. Omg YAY! I love kitty spam! Maybe let him type some of your blog posts?

    In the last pic he looks really really mean, but if you say he's friendly, I'll believe you. I'd love to have a cat one day but for now, my rats are my babies. And yes, pets are amazing for your health and sense of well-being! I hope you'll have a great time together!

    1. LOL I don't think he'll be typing anytime soon! haha

      he just has one of those faces.. he looks like worried or something at all times :P thanks.. I'm so happy to finally have a cat again :)