Saturday, June 8, 2013

KKCenterHK NNAIL-Mix-Star-2-5mm Glitter!

This post contains a press sample.

I have another KKCenterHk review for you today, and this one is loose glitter! Such fun. I have a few samples from them to try out, but I decided to start with the Mix Star glitter and just do something sort of random. When I was thinking of stars, I kept thinking about the balls you typically see in cartoons about the circus, such as this one:

 I also was reminded of being little, and going to places such as the zoo and Sea World, and always wanting these balloons with stars on them. I remember at the time, those balloons were just the coolest thing ever! I remember just being fascinated with those star balloons, and not having any idea of how they made them. Oh, I wish things were that simple these days!

So anyway, for this manicure I just used 1 coat Sally Hansen Hardener as my base, and 2 coats Sation Queenie in a Bottle. Then I just randomly placed the stars on each nail using tweezers and my fingers, then quickly applied top coat. I used NYC Matte Me Crazy on the accent nails, and for the rest of the nails I used Tip Top top coat. 1 coat of top coat wasn't quite enough, so then I applied 1 more coat of Matte Me Crazy, then I turned to Seche Vite for my remaining nails. I do like a lot of top coat on my nails because I prefer a smooth coat. Even with that much clear on my nails, the glitter still managed to snag a little bit.

Let me talk about the glitter itself for a minute. For $8 you get 10 grams of 2.5mm mixed star glitter. The glitter is a bit iridescent so some of it has a bit of a holo effect which is really pretty. Even with matte top coat it still looks pretty metallic. Very pretty.

Please pardon the blurry picture, but I wanted to get a close up of this nail as best I could. The only real problem I had with these glitters is that the blue did bleed a little bit which hopefully you can see here.

 This glitter was a great way to add some sparkle to my nails, and to just do something really simple without a lot of work. I'm sure I'll be using this glitter a lot more in the future!

I'd love to read your comments! Please let me know what you think of this manicure or if you have any questions about this glitter, I'll be sure to answer as best as I can :)

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