Saturday, May 4, 2013

Shany Heavenly Colors Skittle

I have nothing to disclose.

Today I have the Shany Magnetics I received last week to share with you. This is all of the colors from the Heavenly Colors set, except for #05 because as I've mentioned it arrived damaged :(

Here are the bottles and I got a closeup of the magnets so you can see the designs.

(oops, as you can see I accidentally stuck the magnets too close to my nails. it happens!)

I love the colors of these! I have to say the purple and the orange are my two favorites. Let's talk about #06, the orange color, for a moment. Looking at the box, this color appears to be a red polish and Shany describes it as red. Red it is not. I showed the box to Mike and he agreed that #06 looks closer in color to what #05 was supposed to look like.

Here's a screen capture from so you can see what I mean about the colors. In addition to the red actually being orange I certainly do not see a silver polish on those swatches. I'm happy about that! I'm glad I didn't get that ugly brown (or was that number 05??) and I'm happy I got a pretty silver but darn it I wanted that red!

These polishes worked really well for me. I had no big issues with the magnets. These did not come with instructions so let me tell you what I did:
1. applied base coat and let it dry for a few minutes (Sally Hansen Hardener)
2. applied 1 coat of the magnetic polish on each nail.
3. applied a 2nd coat and then QUICKLY used the magnet

(I wasn't quite fast enough with the silver or blue polishes here so there wasn't much effect. Unfortunately the green really got dulled down by the top coat so it doesn't stand out much either.)

I did find that I had to work quickly otherwise the magnetic effect wouldn't work as well. Silly silly me though, I wasn't thinking and I applied 1 coat of Seche Vite before I let the polish dry so unfortunately the effect is a little bit muted. I plan on trying these out again sometime so I can test the different colors and use different magnets with each one. For this first test I just used the magnets which came with each color.

The purple as I mentioned is definitely one of my favorites and it definitely got the best effect.

This isn't a very good picture of the magnetic effect, however, it is a great picture of the colors in this polish. As you can see, it is full of shimmer and has some gold sparkle to it in the sun!

Pardon the glare, but you can see a little bit of the magnetic effect better in this picture.

What I liked about these:
Shimmers in the green and orange
Price (about $18 for a set of 6 polishes)

 What I did not like:
my dried up polish and broken brush with 05 after opening for the first time!
chipped in 2 - 3 days

Some of the polishes did not have as much of an effect as the others, but I will pass up judgement until I test these further until I can determine if the polish or the magnets are responsible :)

If you want a bunch of magnet polishes to play with for cheap and don't care much about how long it lasts or how strong the magnetic effect is than this is a great set for you. On the otherhand, if you would rather have one really good polish that has a great effect and lasts a week and you don't mind spending more money, than you'll probably want to look elsewhere.

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