Monday, May 13, 2013

More Nail Mail!

I have nothing to disclose. Items were prizes in Amandalandish's Giveaway.

Last week I won Amanda's giveaway over at Amandalandish. This was a sponsored giveaway and the prize was the Avon Petal Impressions polishes. I've been wanting to try Avon's polishes for awhile so I'm pretty excited I won these and wow can you believe it's only been a week and I received the prize already??

Here's what I received:
Inspired Iris
Painted Peony
Sweet Pea Dream
Garden Green
Blue Water
Forget Me Not Blue
 On the wheels:
13-P Inspired Iris
13-Q Painted Peony
13-R Sweet Pea Dream
13-S Garden Green
13-T Blue Water
14-A Forget Me Not Blue

The colors are all lovely shimmers. I may not be a huge fan of pastels but I do like all of these colors, especially the blues and green. Best of all, none of these are dupes for colors I already own so I'm very happy to have some different colors and a new brand to try out! Hope to play with at least one of these this week :)

Thanks again to Amanda and Adelina for the giveaway :)


  1. Wow, another great win! You must have some kind of lucky dance that you do before entering each giveaway

    1. haha I wish it were that simple! I don't know what the deal is. I went a few months entering like 500 giveaways a month and won nothing. Now I'm barely entering any and I won a bunch of great ones! Just luck I guess :)