Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kleancolor not so Neon Yellow

I have nothing to disclose. I purchased this item.

 This week I decided to play with some of my yellow and first up is Kleancolor Neon Yellow. I swear someone mixed around with the color selections when they decided this color would be their neon yellow. It's not neon and certainly not neon yellow. It's more mustard color.

 Please pardon the wear on the pinkie.. I tried peeling off the polish on my cuticles and accidentally took some of the polish on my nail with it :P

This is two coats and you'll see it's pretty sheer. I'll be layering something over this later this week so I wasn't too worried about the opacity.

I'm not sure how I feel about this color, considering I've spent the majority of my life hating yellow. Because I'm so yellow toned, it kind of just blends in with my natural skin tone from a distance.

The polish itself I didn't really have any problems with. It was a little stinky but the smell wasn't making me really sick like some of their polishes do.

I think I'll mostly be saving this one for use as an accent color or for nail art.


  1. LOL I love reading your honest reviews ;-) I think any color can be called neon if it lights up under a blacklight. I agree with you though, this doesn't look neon-y enough. I hope you can do some nice nail art with it!

    1. Since you mentioned it, I do believe this one really doesn't glow under black light. Not neon!

    2. Oh no! Baaaaad Klean Color! *wags her finger*