Monday, May 20, 2013

Fishtail manicure

I have nothing to disclose. The polishes used here were either gifts, giveaway prizes or I purchased them myself.

 Last week I decided to do a fishtail manicure because I haven't done it in a very long time and this was only the second time I've done it. I used Avon Forget Me Not Blue as the base, and Sinful Colors Cloud 9 and Zoya Ziv as the accents. For the accent nail, I used Cloud 9 and Shany nail art number 14.

I ended up not being crazy about this color combination and the polish started chipping after just a couple of days so I only wore it for a few days. I think the pictures were all taken with a flash so the colors were darker in life and had a nice autumn feel to them. It was pretty, the combination just was not to my taste.


  1. How did I not come across this post before? Anyway, I'm here now...

    This is not my taste in color combination either. I think orange and blue just don't mix together, that's where the Dutch people have gone horribly wrong with their flag and national color. So from me and my country, I'm sorry :-p

    You did do a very nice job though, very neat! I haven't even tried a fishtail before. And I see your pictures are way better, cleaning the lens helped, huh?

    1. I think it's probably how you execute the two colors together. funny about the flag.. I didn't know their colors were orange and blue! See, I'm learning so much about your country tonight :)

      You have to try fishtails! You can be just about as messy as you please and it still somehow manages to turn out OK!

      Yes, cleaning the lens really did help, thank you!