Friday, May 3, 2013

April Haul Roundup

I have nothing to disclose.

This is probably going to be the last of my monthly round up posts for awhile. I'm still on a no-buy. I've pretty much given up on the nail polish giveaways because I've won 5 giveaways this year but so far I've only received 1 of the prizes. That pretty much negated any remaining motivation I had for the giveaways. After my recent problems with WalMart, I won't be shopping there. After my recent problem with my order, I probably won't be buying polish from them either. So even when I'm finally off this no buy thing, I'm not sure where I'll be getting my polish from... probably Sinful Colors sales at my local grocery store and LA Colors or Sally Hansen from my local Family Dollar (which SUCKS - they only have like 10 shades) and of course there's Walgreens which I never get to and rarely buy anything from. So anyway...

Because of all of the above, and because I didn't get any polish for my birthday (boo!) last month I kind of went overboard and ended up spending most of my gift cards on polish. It kind of amazes me that I couldn't think of anything else I wanted or needed (of course NOW I can now that the gift cards are spent.)

I'm going to start with the polishes I haven't shown you yet because I did get some more this week :)

First is my free polish from Family Dollar! In order to get the polish for free, you have to purchase certain items and you get a coupon with your purchase.. check the site for details. I got 2 things of bar soap, which I needed anyway, and got a coupon for $2 off my next purchase so this evened out to exactly FREE. Just the way I like it! I also got 1 bottle of Melatonin for free in this same trip, which made me happy!
 Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Sturdy Sapphire
I do want to mention that Sturdy Sapphire was much more opaque than I realized. The picture shows it with just 1 coat. Hoping it layers up nicely otherwise I'm going to have yet another topper. Not bad though for a free polish, especially because it's a color I did not have.

Lastly, I purchased a set of 12 Kleancolor polishes from Pandora Collection on Amazon. I just want to say that the packaging was excellent! This seller knows how to properly package nail polish (WalMart could learn some things from this seller!) No problems with my purchase and I would probably consider purchasing from them again. This set sells for just under $16, shipping included. The colors included seem to be a combination of the entire Memoirs of the Caribbean set with 6 more colors thrown in.

Here's the packaging. The bottles were packed inside these little boxes, then wrapped in bubble wrap and then packages in a priority mailer.

 05 Black
12 Melon Green
14 Neon Aqua
15 Neon Sapphire
16 Neon Purple
17 Neon Green
18 Neon Yellow (it looks more like mustard yellow if you ask me!)
19 Neon Orange
20 Neon Pink
21 Neon Fuschia (????? definitely NOT fuschia!)
25 Beach Blue
85 Funky Yellow (which is more neon than neon yellow)

(sneak peak of one of my Shany magnetics hehe)

Shany Magnetic Heavenly Colors Set and Nail Art Set 1
(minus 05 from the Heavenly Set since it arrived damaged :( )

So that's it for April - 52 new polishes (plus the damaged Shany) and I got it all for free using gift cards + 1 coupon, woohoo!!


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  1. It's amazing that you got all of these for zip! The Kleancolor polishes look like a LOT of fun and a really good deal. Those neons do look good on the swatch wheel :D