Saturday, April 27, 2013

Shany nail art swatches

I have nothing to disclose.

I couldn't resist swatching the Shany nail art polishes real quick, so here's a couple of pictures for you.

 One of the reasons I bought this set was I felt there were a bunch of different colors I don't already have.. there are a few I do have but hey, the only other actual nail art polish I had was black :P I could have sworn there were more purples and oranges in this set but oh well. The only real purple is on the tip of T and you can't really see it that well. The tip of S is actually a dark grey but it looks pretty black in the photos.

Just playing around with this set, I'm pretty happy with it and I'm already dreaming about their other nail art set (I think they only have 2). I think you can see, I could do some pretty awesome gradient nail art with some of these colors! The neons are pretty gorgeous and I really love the glitters.

Not bad for something I got with a gift card aka basically free! :)

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