Thursday, April 4, 2013

Samples reviews summary

This post contains product samples received from the companies. As always, I was not paid to review these items, and all comments here are my honest opinion.

My 1 year blogiversary today, and I'm honestly not very happy with how things are going with my blog. I want to get back to doing product reviews, specifically nail products but that quest this past year hasn't been very successful. So for now, I'm just going to continue reviewing just about everything I can and hopefully get some more nail products to review soon. I do have a couple to review in the next few weeks!

What I've been working on over the past month or so is trying out some of the samples I have received. I will probably do a post about these maybe once a month or so. I'm just going to talk about these a little bit. If I have more lengthy reviews for a product I'll do an individual review for it :)

Anyway, this will be long since I've been meaning to post this for a few weeks!

First up is Ovaltine Rich Chocolate. This sample did not make much, about 8 ounces and it had a weird chemical taste I wasn't crazy about. It wasn't very chocolatey so I thought this was just OK.

Lipton Tea & Honey - Mango Pineapple
I can't find my picture, sorry about that.  I drank mine hot and it was very good. I thought it had more of a pineapple flavor. Then I drank some of it cold, and felt it had more of a mango flavor. I definitely prefered it hot (I don't like mango). I would probably buy this if it were affordable (I haven't checked prices.) Mike just tried it cold and did not like it. He said it would probably be OK hot. Interesting as this product was meant to be an iced tea.

Garnier Fructis - Colorshield
I've really liked all of the Garnier Fructis shampoos and conditioners I've tried so far. This particular pair smelled wonderful. It has a fruity smell which reminded me of strawberries. I used it the 1st time shampooing after dying my hair and it seemed to hold the color. I didn't notice any color in the water when washing my hair. I would definitely be interested in using any of Garnier Fructis products again.

Julep One Step Polish Remover Pads
This is an update from my last review. I tried a sample again, this time with a simpler manicure with no glitter and the wipe worked much better. As you can see in the pictures, it took off most of the polish for one hand. I still wouldn't pay to use these as I don't feel they're worth the price.

GigaBites by au'some
I shared these with Mike. We both thought they were really good. They were like big, chewy berry flavored nerds. lists these as coming soon so I wonder when and where they will be available. They were really quite good and they left me wanting more.

AlternaVites Kids
Not sure why I had this, but whatever. I tried the Raspberry Cotton Candy flavor. This was kind of like crushed up Smarties. I'm not crazy about cotton candy but the flavor wasn't as bad as expected. It was kind of weird, but I can see it being a good way to sneak vitamins into food. What I liked about this is that it contains no sugar, aspartame or artificial sweeteners. What I did not like is that is is very chalky. I touched the pouch and the powder flew everywhere. I was still finding the powder on my things days later.

 Lumiere d'hiver Clarifying Shampoo
This particular sample was part of a prize in a giveaway.
This shampoo was very thick; it reminded me of dog shampoo or something.. or at least my idea of what dog shampoo would be like. It smelled nice, reminding me of vanilla but Mike said it had a floral, cleaning soap smell to it. I liked that it could be used as a body wash although I didn't use it that way.

Last sample for now is Downy Unstopables in fresh scent.
I did not use these as directed. I only used about half a package per load, but that seemed to be enough to give the apartment a wonderful fresh laundry smell.  I don't think the smell lasted as directed but that could be because I didn't use the full amount. The problem I found with these is I accidentally spilled some on the floor while I was opening them. If you didn't know what these were, I could definitely imagine a small child finding them and eating them! Big no no! They definitely resemble small candy chips in my mind.

That's it for this month! My next post should be all or mostly beauty related items :) Thanks for reading.

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