Sunday, April 28, 2013

OPI Stay the Night

I have nothing to disclose.

Today I am finally showing you one of the hottest trend polishes so far this year, from OPI's Liquid Sand collection.. here is Stay the Night.

I'm a dork so I had to photograph my textured manicure next to our moonscape walls. (NOT my choice in walls! hate renting..) For this manicure I applied two coats of Stay the Night, and 1 coat of Seche Vite on the accents.

I've been very curious about these polishes since they came out. When I first saw the pictures my first reaction was I hated them. Stay the Night was the only polish in the collection which caught my eye and only then it was because I thought it was really pretty with top coat. I knew these were going to be polishes I just had to see in person and try out myself to know for certain if I liked or not.

So what's the verdict?

I really really love Stay the Night matte! In person, I really don't care for it with clear coat (go figure). Probably because it is such a top coat hog - 7 coats on my nail wheel before I was pretty satisfied with it. Sorry, but I'm not wasting that much clear coat on one manicure. Speaking of top coat, one of the concerns I know most of us have had with these polishes is the durability because these polishes are not meant to be used with top coat. My manicure lasted 3 days, which I suppose isn't terrible considering the lack of top coat but that isn't great either. Also, another concern I had was that the texture would be just too much for me, and it really wasn't.. it wasn't as thick or as noticeable as I had thought.. in fact, I think technically some of my glitters might be considered texture polishes if I really wanted to start comparing.

I really love the colors used in Stay the Night, but I have to say that I'm still not convinced I would love these polishes in any other color combination. For me, it's the combination of the red sparkles and the matte black which really make this a beautiful polish. I wish their other Liquid Sand polishes had contrasting colors. Hopefully OPI will continue with this trend and I'm keeping my fingers crossed they make another two color variant.

This is seriously the one polish I wish I would have had during high school. Despite the chipping after just 3 days, I have definitely fallen in love with this one. I'm happy I picked a winner!

I purchased my bottle from for $7.25 after shipping.

(I do apologize for the lack of good high quality pictures.. my camera really hates this polish and just would refuse to take good pictures of it! If you've seen other pictures of it I can tell you, yes, it does really look like that in person.. but better!)

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