Friday, April 12, 2013

Nail Mail!

I have nothing to disclose. All items were purchased by me.

I've been pretty quiet around the ol' blogosphere the past few days... I've been taking a much needed break from things. Ironically, as I posted about drama last week, drama found my boyfriend's blog this week. It's been absolutely disgusting to see how people start big ordeals over something very simple.. but worse, it really sickens me to see how people just flat out lie about complete strangers. So anyway, I won't go into the details because I have a much happier thing to share with you today! I finally used one of my birthday gift cards to buy some polishes this week, and they came today!

My two select choices from the Color Club Halo Hues 2013 collection and the OPI Liquid Sand collection! Let me tell you, given that I had plenty of money on my gift cards to buy the entire Halo Hues collection, it was REALLY difficult not to. I really couldn't justify spending that much on nail polish, even if it did mean getting it for basically free. I spent about a week figuring out that little dilemma, but also trying to decide if I just wanted to buy 1 liquid sand or the minis. Obviously you can see what won out.

Enough said, here's Color Club Beyond and OPI Stay the Night.

D is Color Club Beyond, 1 coat.
E is OPI Stay the Night, 1 coat
F is Stay the Night, 2 coats
G is Stay the Night, 2 coats and about 3 coats of top coat.

I've read many bloggers state that the Liquid Sand polishes eat top coats. You weren't kidding! I swatched these, went to bed, got up about 7 hours later and you couldn't even really tell I had applied any top coat (1 layer at this point) to Stay the Night. So more top coat went on and I'm actually still waiting and letting it sit to see if it's going to eat it more. Crazy.

I do apologize, my camera hates Stay the Night. I took about a dozen pictures and they all turned out fuzzy except for this one.

I plan to do full manicures with these two sometime within the next few weeks so check back to hear what I think of them :)


  1. Hahaha and here I was on FB asking you for swatches when I should've just scrolled down a bit for the link. I really love 'Beyond' and I've been eyeing the Halo Hues for a while now. I want a whole collection of holos, I have a silver one by Koh and a blue one from the China Glaze OMG collex. Both are awesome but I need MORE! The liquid sand polishes don't really appeal to me somehow. I have the Sally Hansen Gem Crush collection and those are mayor top coat eaters too, and I'm just not comfortable with rough-textured nails. Plus, it's harder to do nail art with, which is my main reason for buying certain polishes. I never wear just 'plain' polish LOL

    Buttuhm... I have a crap load of things to share on my blog (mostly nail art pics) but not the time or the energy to get it updated. I'm getting some mayor nail mail in a week or two so that'll be on there for sure! And I'm looking forward to your on-the-nail swatches!

    1. haha no problem. I know exactly what you mean.. I need more holos now. I still have to actually wear Stay the Night, but just looking at it in person the texture isn't as bad as I imagined. So we'll see what I think. I've got to get some of the Gem Crush, those look so pretty!

      Looking forward to your posts, too! thanks for commenting :)

  2. Great pick. Beyond seems to be the best black holo polish on the market at the moment and it does look great.

  3. Stay the night looks so beautiful!!