Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nail Haul!

I have nothing to disclose.

One of my birthday presents was a WalMart gift card. I've been wanting to go to WalMart for a month now.. due to different sleep schedules, bad weather, etc. we kept having to put it off. Last weekend, Mike was out with his brother in law and they went to WalMart. He came home and told me he stopped by the nail polish section and informed me that he was never taking me to WalMart :(
(I quickly reminded him I had a gift card I HAD to use!)

So we finally made it to WalMart last night, and they had everything on my list except for the Essie Snakeskin polishes and of course that was the one thing I wanted the most. Boo! I did manage to pick out a few things, and I still have a balance on my card so we'll definitely be going back. I got home and realized I somehow picked out very monochromatic colors. Oops. So next time I'll listen to Mike and buy some color instead of just picking out my "I need this!" list.

 I also got this Kiss nail glue to try out. Hopefully it works well. I'll be using it this week!

Here's my little haul.

NYC matte top coat. Yes, I finally got it! So glad I found some place local that sells it, even if I only go to WalMart about 2 or 3 times a year... now I know where to get it!
NYC Starry Silver Glitter
Hard Candy Black Tip Optional
Hard Candy Tinseltown

 Sally Hansen Gem Crush Glitz Gal
Wet n Wild Party of Five Glitters (this one Mike picked out)
Hard Candy Fireworks

Here's a quick swatch of the polishes. Sorry the picture isn't the best :P

I have some other stuff to show you but I'm not awake yet so I'll save it for some other time :) I'm so excited because I finally got the matte top coat, I got my first NYC and Hard Candy polishes and I've been wanting a Gem Crush for awhile! Plus of course, the added bonus that I didn't actually pay a dime for any of this :) (Thanks Mom!!!)

The Polish Jinx posted a link to a Hard Candy coupon awhile ago and I was able to use it (may have to print out another coupon haha.) The coupon doesn't expire until June 30, 2013 so you still have plenty of time to use it. It's $1.00 off any Hard Candy products at WalMart!

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