Monday, April 8, 2013

More nail foils I don't like..

I have nothing to disclose. This item was won in a giveaway

After my success with nail foils a couple of days ago, I decided to try out these other ones. I was slightly more hopeful, but still doubtful. I'm not sure what brand they are because I don't see a brand name on the packaging.. just that they're from Cheeky.

Let's take a close look at the packaging, shall we?

Once I noticed those wonderful spelling errors, it certainly did not give me confidence about this product!

So here are the nail foils. I was only able to wear three per hand because they were almost all too large for my fingers. The pink one was the smallest size and as you can see, I put it on my pointer.

These went on very wrinkly. I tried several times to get the wrinkles out and it just was not happening. Also, within maybe 2 or 3 hours they started peeling off. The packaging claims these last up to 11 days. Not on my nails they wouldn't! I ended up removing them the same day.

I did as instructed, and ran them under water to remove them. The one good thing I have to say about these foils is that they removed without destroying my nails at all. They were pretty easy to remove and I was very satisfied that they did not destroy my nails as some nail foils do. There was just a mild glue residue left over, no big deal.

While I'm not a fan of these, I can definitely see them being used for party occasions, such as Halloween where you just want something fun on your nails for a few hours.

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  1. The packaging looks very similar to some that I recently got my hands on from and though I haven't tried them yet, I heard they were phasing out their nail foils because they were hard to work with for people. The spelling errors are weird, but not really that uncommon when working with smaller international companies (more likely out of Asia than Europe).

    On my packaging it says 7 days (I got the non-foil) but it also says that removal involves warm water. Does yours say something similar? That might explain the peeling.