Thursday, March 21, 2013

Helpful blog posts

The past few weeks I've been favoriting a bunch of blog posts with good tips so I can share some of them with you! I know I for one still feel like a newbie despite doing this blog for almost a year now *hint hint* so I'm always looking for more tips to improve my technique.

5 Minutes nail polish removal tutorial
I've been doing this for the past few weeks and it works really well! I've been using a lot of layers, so I've used more than 1 cotton ball BUT I've mostly been staying away from Acetone! I'm really happy with this method because it will save me maybe pennies, but I do believe taking a break from too much acetone should help improve the condition of my nails. I first read about this method on Very Enchanting and she has lots of other great tips there. You can also try the tin foil trick, which I have not tried yet.

How to take Care of Your Nails
I don't do any of this except I always use a base coat (Sally Hansen Hardener) and I use a cuticle cream when I actually remember. Yes, I'm a slacker :P good tips for those who wish to use them!

Stamping Tips
I need to practice myself!

How to Repair a Broken Nail
some good basic tips.. you can also try regular old super glue if you don't have any nail glue. Here's another one on Nail Patching.

Kelsie's Nail Files: My Nail Art Tools
good general breakdown of the tools of the trade ;)

How I Do It: Filing
Good info.. except I thought you were always supposed to file downwards? I don't know, I don't file :P

DIY Hair Mask
Because I want to try this again sometime.. haven't done this since I was a teenager!

Nail Whitening
I haven't tried tooth paste yet.. I don't buy anything with whitening because it's bad for your teeth. So I have another idea in mind, and I'll let you know if it works :)

Water Marbling and some tips
I haven't tried this in ages.. I definitely think I should do another one what with my blogiversary coming up and a water marble was one of my first nail posts :) Speaking of water marbling, Shatter Me Claire mentioned using gels as a base? I haven't tried this yet.. may have to!

I *love* this post from Oh Three Oh Four:  Reusing Polish Bottles and Decanting Tutorial

Why did I not think of this? Instead of ice cream...

DIY Nail Polish Desk using Melmers 

Polished Pisces had the brilliant idea of creating this page with polish short hand. Great starting resource for those new to the polish blogging world :) is starting a series of posts called Nail Art 101. This should be pretty helpful, I'm looking forward to the other posts, thanks Vic! 

Just in case you didn't know... chocolate is good for you! I believe dark chocolate is even better. 

Check out this great guide for buying and swapping nail polish online. 

How to make your own decals.

How to make your own makeup remover. Not polish related but I think still worth reading :) 

Very Enchanting posted a DIY hand santizer which I think is awesome because the commercial hand sanitizers have been found to cause nerve damage, so I never use them. 

Nuthin' but a nail thing did a tutorial on dry water marble nails and you should definitely check that out. I need to try it out myself sometime. 

I started this post ages ago and I've been meaning to get caught up on my blog reads and add to it.. but that isn't going to happen right now so I figured I'd just post it now. I'll probably have more of these types of posts in the future, hopefully more organized though :P 


  1. Ah, thanks for sharing! I am going to check out the other links, what a great post x

  2. Great links thank you for sharing :). Im reading my way through them now. And also a BIG HUGE thank you for adding a spark of happiness to my day and including one of my blog. I now have a big goofy grin and pink cheeks plastered to my face for the rest of the day :D.

    1. no problem, glad I could make you smile :)

    2. It was a very nice pre-bday supprise :)