Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pokemon Nail Art Challenge: Normal

I'm way behind on all of my posts.. I have over a week's worth of stuff to share with you but unfortunately I just don't have much time to do it right now. So I'm going to start with some nail art.

This past week we were doing Normal type Pokemon in the nail art challenge. I had a really difficult time deciding which Pokemon to do.. most of the normal types are brown or basically just pink blobs and where's the fun in that? Of course I hate brown on my nails so that was immediately out of the question. I thought about doing Rattata but I felt uninspired. After a few tests with Chancey nails, I finally settled on doing Porygon.

Look at that! his head is a perfect shape for nail art, don't you think?

I tried taping off the design but then decided that was just too much work.. and I wanted something simple so I settled for a skittle with Porygon on the accent. Of course I did shiny Porygon as well.

Here are all the polishes I used.. if you want the name of a specific polish please let me know.


This manicure was kind of a fail to me... the colors on my left hand just aren't "ME". So I applied a coat of Tip Top Nail Crackle in Iceburg and problemo fixed!

I seriously felt better after applying Iceburg.. those solid bright colors were just too much for me. It's funny how little things like that can effect us.

So anyway, there's my Normal type nails for this week.. what do you think?

(PS: WHY is Porygon Normal? I always think it's Electric.)

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