Saturday, January 5, 2013

Time to be serious for a minute!

I woke up today to a picture of my nephew with blood all over his face. It wasn't pretty, and I'm told he needed 5 stitches. What happened? He is a wrestler and his competitor in a wrestling match elbowed him in the face. The boy involved was not punished, the coaches did not apologize but worse of all, the boy was awarded the win.

You would have to see the picture to understand why I'm so angry, but my nephew is a minor of course so I'm not posting his picture here. However, I am not happy.

This makes me even angrier because this happened at Canton McKinley Senior High School - my high school.

On a completely unrelated note, all of my sister in law's animals were poisoned with antifreeze. Cats, dogs. Pets, friends. This kind of thing really makes me angry, so between these two events today, let's just say I'm not exactly in a pleasant mood.

edit: Mike just got off the phone with his nephew - his nose was broken and his lip was basically split in two, but that's OK - the little McKinley punk won his game. Also, to clarify - the sister in law mentioned lives in Alabama, not Ohio.


  1. Sad to hear something like that happened so close to home. I am from Massillon. :-/ Hope your nephew and the cats & dogs get better soon!

    1. thanks Sarah, I forgot you were so close to home. I'm sure my nephew will be fine eventually... he's just really angry right now. Sounds like the animals are all dead unfortunately :(