Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Stash: Virtual Collection 2

It just occurred to me I was adding these to my post all wrong, so from here on I'll be adding them in by polish maker name alphabetically, 25 to a post so the heavy images don't kill my posts :)Will adjust as needed! So check here for the full collection.


  1. I love this idea still! How are you getting the pics for the colors on the bottles?

    1. thanks :) I'm using PhotoShop, so actually the image is just a layer underneath the polish bottle layer. I just went through the polish layer and cut out everything so the image shows through :) I'm just using my nail wheel pics but it's kind of a pain to get the right color :P

  2. Pretty and takes up a lot of time.. Kudos for making the effort to do it so nicely for our viewing pleasure :p