Sunday, December 2, 2012

There's an app for that!

Thanks to everyone for reading but especially for commenting on my blog this week.  As I mentioned last week,  I've been feeling very disconnected from the nail polish blogging community as of late, which has been making me very sad!  Your comments do help,  so I appreciate it :-)

I mentioned before,  I have very little computer time on the weekends. I mostly use my smartphone,  which I have to say mostly is not very smart but instead frustrates me to no end.
Instead of focusing on the problem,  I came up with a few solutions :

Bloglovin I love, and I discovered that the bloglovin mobile site is actually one of the better mobile sites. For once I'm pretty much caught up with the blogs via Bloglovin!

Blogger: Blogger mobile is pretty awful to work with and at least for me, Google Reader does not work. Fortunately,  I finally realized there were probably apps and of course I was right!  So yay,  this is my first mobile blog post and so far it's going well. The Blogger app is so much easier than the mobile site. So far the Google Reader app is so easy, although I wish it would list my feed by blog.

Guess I'll be busy getting caught up with everyone,  yay!

For the final test,  let me try to share today's mail with you...

I got my National lampoon's Christmas Vacation moose mug! I got this for free using credits from (I can't seem to add links, sorry about that! )

I also got my Barielle Elle's Spell and my free quick dry top coat in the mail yesterday!  I bought these on Cyber Monday for $8 total. That's a savings of at least $12.50 plus whatever their regular shipping is. Can't beat that! I can't wait to try these out.

Have a great Sunday everyone. Thanks for reading :)

(Yes the moose mug, candles and lighters are on a high chair. We have the high chair because I used to babysit my niece.  The high chair somehow ended up becoming a permanent fixture in our living room as an end table.)


  1. Love the moose mug haha <3 and Elle spell is gorgeous.. can't wait to see you do some nail art with it :D

    1. thanks :) shouldn't have to wait too long, I think Elle's Spell will be perfect for Christmas time!

  2. Great post :) It's easy to feel disconnected but hard to feel reconnected :( I wanted to try the Blogger app but then my phone...well lets just say I can still use it as an mp3 played because I dont need to see the screen lol.

    1. LOL Oops. I don't want to know what you did. HOpe you get a replacement soon!