Saturday, December 29, 2012

nail strips are the worst invention ever....

... at least as far as nail related items go, as far as I'm concerned. Seriously.

Since my throat is all messed up right now and I don't want to bother with nail polish because the fumes might make it worse, I thought.. gee! Perfect chance to try out some more nail strips!

EEEEP! Wrong!

So. Today I'm trying out Momentum Brands Nail Strips which I won in a giveaway recently. These strips are absolutely beautiful, and very easy to apply. In fact, they are much easier to use than the Jamberry nails I've tried previously, so I will give them that - which is about the only good thing I have to say about them.

Here's why I detest these things so much:
  • they did not lay flat
  • as you can see in this picture, they rip very easily. 
  • despite ripping easily, I still have some snaggle spots where they do not lay flat but worse, they do not file well AT ALL. The instructions specifically say to file them down which I might add was a little tricky, so for them to rip so easily yet file with difficulty is... shall I say obnoxious?
  • edit: it hasn't even been an hour since I posted this, and two of the strips fell off and I have no idea where they went. I'm not even doing anything with my nails. I'm sitting at the computer typing and they fell off! :(
So yes, they're pretty... but look at how pretty they were after just ten minutes! This is immediately after using the bathroom because yes, apparently even when nail strips are concerned the bathroom rule still applies.

 Did I mention the package comes with 16 strips? 16. So now I have 6 more left over for my toes, I suppose?

I AM very thankful I was able to try these for free. I would have been very upset if I had paid for them... and I am very disappointed, as I was really hoping these would be better than the Jamberrys. I still have.. I think 3 other brands of nail strips to try out sometime. Hopefully one of those will be better than these things!

I know some people love their nail strips, but as you can tell.. so far I am not one of them!


  1. Another honest review from our licely Melanie :-) Thanks for sharing! I've had my doubts about nail strips for a while now, mostly because of how much they cost.

    1. haha thanks. I feel like it's more like a rant than a review :P
      good point about the price.

  2. That's a shame :( But like you were saying at least you got them for free. I've never tried the nail strips but people seem to like the Sally Hansen ones :)

    1. those will probably be next on my list.. I do have some Sally Hansen's to try out so we shall see!

  3. I can't get nail strips to work for me. Jamberry nails are of the debbil.