Monday, December 3, 2012

Nail Mail!

I woke up today, still super excited about the awesome giveaway I won yesterday, and then I read my e-mail and discovered I won another great giveaway. I won 1st place in Nail Polish Creations Giveaway, and look at all of the awesome goodies I won! I'm super excited! All of these polish brands are new to me so I can't wait to get them and try them out. Thank you so much, Lisa!

If that weren't enough, I also got my first Above the Curve polish in the mail today! Look how it arrived :)

This packaging is so cute. I'm going to have to figure out someway to reuse it :)

I got Oh, the Who-manity and as you can see on my middle finger, I just had to try it out a little bit. Please ignore the chipping :P You can buy this polish for $9 on Etsy. I will definitely be doing a full manicure with this sometime before Christmas! It is so pretty, but the only thing I have to say is that silly me, I didn't realize the base is a pinkish white shimmer. That's OK though, I love shimmers so I will be having lots of fun playing with this polish and I'm just so happy right now to have a Christmas Indie glitter.

So that's about all of the excitement I can take for one day. :D Thanks for letting me share my goodies & good news with you!


  1. Congrats Melanie~!! You are one lucky girl hehehe and the pretty ATC Polish looks good :) hehe It would pop better with a full creme base I guess :)

  2. You're so lucky! I haven't had the time to enter giveaways, or even to read blogs. It's been hard enough keeping my own blog running... So sweet that you miss my comments, I'll try to come around more often!