Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas followup

Today I have my Christmas goodies to share with you, or at least the nail polish related ones! All of the items in this picture were presents from my sister!

She got me a ton of nail wheels so you know what I'll be doing for the next few weeks? Yep, cataloging all of my nail polish and sharing it with you! She also got me two of the Ciate kits, one in Velvet and the other in Caviar beads. I'm really excited to try out the flocking powder! She also got me a ton of tape which came with some nail stickers, the Bundle Monster 2011 plates and the Konad plate holder.

So while it was a great day for receiving nail polish goodies, it wasn't a very good day for my actual nails. If you saw my Facebook page at all, you'll know I've been complaining about my polish falling off. It was fine until Christmas day and then for whatever reason my polish just completely fell off several of my nails. I lost 3 Christmas Day, then lost 2 more today. I don't know why this happened but it was very annoying!! My nails were clean when I painted them, and the polish was new and of course it was different polishes so it's not like I can blame one polish. Oh well, it meant I got to try out a few different polishes.

So here's a few updates on my manicure. Sorry for the mess, but I was not about to do cleanup with as little sleep as I've gotten the past few days :P

2 coats Pure Ice Champagne, topped with 365 Days of Color Come Little Children. So yes, I'm wearing a Winter polish topped with a Halloween polish for Christmas :D

The overall effect is really pretty... Champagne is more teal but at a distance it looks a bit more green.

I was thinking about trying out Color Club Gingerbread over top Zoya Ziv sometime, and then another nail fell off and I couldn't find it so that's exactly what I tried out! Again, sorry for the mess :P

So, I'm probably going to start trying out my nail wheels tonight or sometime soon.. I'm expecting one more nail package in the mail so I may just wait for it, I haven't decided yet. I was thinking about how I was going to catalog all of my polishes and I realized I don't have to do most of my Zoyas because they sent me a ton of spoons! I thought I would share the pictures of my spoons with you at least :) I never really knew what to do with these spoons, but now that I'm cataloging all of my polishes I'm glad to have them!

I don't have all of these polishes of course, just the spoons, but it's pretty cool Zoya sometimes provides you with spoons for free in your orders.. there are a few polishes here I didn't really want until I saw the spoons. I really want the entire Diva collection now!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and I would love to know what nail polish goodies you got! Looks like I'm going to have my hands full swatching and resting up this week :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. lovely party nails, love the gold glitter one :)


  2. That's very pretty! I love the colors and glitter.