Friday, November 30, 2012

November Haul

How it the last day of November already? Didn't I just organize my polishes the other day to include my October polishes? I seriously don't know where this month went, but here it is. Almost December. I just have a few things to show you and I don't *think* I'm expecting any new polish in the mail today. I'll add them in later if I do get anything, as I am expecting a few goodies.. just not sure when!

First up are the new items I either won or purchased in October but didn't receive until November. Starting with my Konad nail art stamping kit! Christmas colored polish, perfect for this month! I will definitely be using this a lot soon.

On Halloween I won a surprise giveaway from Denny's Digits. Here are my prizes! 

Beads, Julep nail file, and 3 nail art tapes which I should be putting to use soon as well! The polishes are:
LA Colors Shock, Sinful Colors Cinderella, Claire's Cosmetics Candy Shop, Pure Ice Champagne and Revlon Whimsical.

Next are my Juleps... Julep provided me with Charlotte, Gayle and Renee for Epilepsy Awareness Month. I already owned Renee, so I gave the extra to my sister in law.

I had enough Jules last month to get a free box, so I got the It Girl box which included: Nora, Hailee, and the Matte Top Coat.

So... NOTHING to show you for November wins this month :(
Here's my solo purchase to show you... I have a few more on the way, as well as 1 prize. For now, this is the only November purchase in my hands.

LA Colors Sassy Sparkle which I bought for franken polish purposes and spent $1 on. Woo-hoo! Actually, I spent $15 dollars total on polish this month, just waiting *patiently* for my other pretties to get here.