Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Life Today

Overall things have been rather boring here, in fact I've been getting cabin fever and going stir crazy the past few days because I've barely been out of the house the past month or so because of the weather & getting bronchitis. So mostly I've just been dealing with being bored and not being able to do what I want to do... which is always frustrating.

A few new things going on with the blog:
First of all, I'm excited to announce that I've teamed up with a site called TRIB3 which is going to allow me to hold weekly giveaways for you all! I'm really excited about doing this :)
Speaking of giveaways, I will be picking winners for my Cook'n giveaway in just a few hours!
I'm *hoping* to get a few more products for review, also! Keep your fingers crossed for me :)

I *finally* got my Julep Maven November box a couple of days ago. I got the It Girl box this time because I really like the colors but I really wanted the Matte top coat, but best of all I was able to get it for free!
I received the matte top coat, Hailee and Nora and a couple of samples of their nail polish remover pads. My boyfriend made some rude comment along the lines of implying I got my Barney costume. Hmm.. not quite :P

I finally got my stamping stuff in the mail, so here's my first stamping attempt.

I completely forgot I wanted to talk about something else, so I'm sneaking in this edit. I'm still thinking a lot about the entire bullying issue, and while looking at my nails, I remembered another story I wanted to share with you. For whatever reason, my pinkie finger on my right hand always grows out perfectly. It just grows and grows and grows so it is almost always longer than my other nails. In fact, many years ago I was seeing a psychiatrist to help me deal with some things. He one day noticed my nail, snickered and made some comment about was I doing coke? I cannot believe this comment came from someone who is in a position to HELP people. I am VERY anti-drug, almost to the point of considering myself straight edge, so a comment like this to me is very offensive. I remember at the time I didn't even know what he was talking about, because yes, I am very innocent about a lot of things, so my ignorance made it even worse.

So that's that little story. I just wanted to remind you that bullying can come in all shapes and sizes.

It didn't want to photograph too well, and I used white so its kind of hard to see over the lighter colors but overall it turned out alright. I'm definitely going to have to practice being faster with it, but also work on centering where I place the stamped image on my nail. Unfortunately, I can tell I'm going to get bored with these plates rather quickly so I'm definitely going to have to get some more plates at some point in time.

I also *finally* (I'm using that word a lot tonight, huh?) organized my nail polish last week. This month I did it by color. Here's a look at all of my polishes, my supplies, and makeup.

Here's a look at just my nail polish!  One of the evil, evil bloggers (J/K! ya know I love you!) asked us to count how many polishes we have in each color. So here's my list:

clear: 11
glow in the dark: 2
flakies: 4
black: 8
silver/grey: 17
gold: 1
gold glitter: 6
white: 8
pink: 22
red: 19
orange: 9
yellow: 3
green: 27 and when I say green, I mostly mean teal
blue: 23
purple: 25
multi-glitter: 3
brown: 7

I definitely need more orange, green and yellow in my life. I think I definitely need like a set of the basic colors, also, because those I just don't have. It's just crazy how my collection has grown since I've been blogging.

1 more picture for you all... I'm already in a Christmas mood: I've been humming Christmas music all week and in fact I'm planning my first Christmas manicure for you this week! Yesterday I finally got some use out of my Christmas cookie cutters when I made biscuits :)

We're expecting snow tonight and tomorrow, so I suppose this weather has me in a Christmasy mood! Hope you all have a good week! Lots of stuff planned for the blog this week but again, I'm not making promises :P Thanks for reading.


  1. Lovely post! how rude of the man, My left had nails are all filed points don't ask me why I was having a mad moment and I've grown to love them LOL. Anyway my fiance joked something similar to me but of course he said it in jest so no offence was taken but I can imagine how it would feel if you didn't know them! Those cookies look delicious!

    Jazz x

    1. thanks! LOL I never noticed the shape of your nails... now I'm going to have to peek :)