Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Life Today: Nail Mail

Between recent drama in the nail blogging world, and stuff going on in my own life, to be quite honest I am emotionally and physically exhausted. I discovered several times this weekend just how much my emotions and stress effect my health. So while I do have a lot to say, instead I'm just going to keep this short and sweet and I'm going to drop all of these issues here and move on to something much more fun: NAIL MAIL!

So last week I won a giveaway at Denny's Digits and the cool thing about this was it was a surprise giveaway so I had absolutely no idea what I was winning. I'm expecting 2 Julep boxes (one of which I should be getting tomorrow, yay!) and look what came in my mail Saturday:

I saw this side first so I was like, alright! I got one of my Julep boxes already! Then I flipped the package over and saw that the box was actually my surprise gift from Victoria at Denny's Digits. So of course, I saw the Julep box and because this is how my brain works, I thought oh awesome, maybe I'm getting some more Julep polishes? Regardless, I was pretty curious already!

I opened the box and found one of the Target beauty bags inside, and let me tell you it was stuffed. I'm not sure she could have fit anything more in there if she had wanted to.

So here's what I got! First up, a ton of nail goodies: stripping tape (awesome, I've been planning on buying more!), fish egg beads and a Julep nail file, along with this cute little note. I've been meaning to try a fish egg manicure and I think some of these, and the ones I have already, are going to be perfect for Christmas so I'll definitely have that in the works soon :)

Here are the polishes I received, and let me tell you, I was giggling like a school girl when I saw what I got.
- LA Colors 567 which I just dropped but it is fine thank goodness! What's with me dropping my oranges lately? A couple of days ago I dropped Zoya Arizona, also.  This one is much more orange than it looks in the photo. I really need more orange polishes, so thank you Victoria, this is perfect!

- Sinful Colors Cinderella and Revlon Whimsical, yes I finally have these two! Last Spring and Summer it seemed like everyone was showing off their swatches of Cinderella and Whimsical and my overall impression from the pictures I saw was *meh*. I really didn't see what the big hype was. Then a few months ago I *finally* saw Cinderella in my local store and oh my gosh is it pretty! The pictures definitely do not do it any justice. I've had this one on my wishlist ever since I saw it in the store, so thank you for letting me cross another one off my list :) I do like Whimsical a lot more than I thought I would as well. It looks like both of these will be perfect for Wintery manicures.

The last two are the prizes I'm most excited about: my first Claire's Cosmetics and Pure Ice polishes! I've really been wanting to try Pure Ice for awhile now.

The Claire's is Candy Shop which seems pretty appropriate since I won this giveaway on Halloween. It looks like another fun polish to use year round for holidays. The Pure Ice is called Champagne and I've been Googling it all over the place, trying to find some swatches and info on it. Apparently it's one of the Winter 2012 colors, yay!!! I don't even know how to describe this polish... duochrome micro glitter shimmer? It looks to me like it has a teal base, filled with green and gold micro glitters but there's definitely a prismatic effect going on in this bottle. I definitely have to swatch this one soon and I'll be keeping my eyes open for swatches of it. It looks gorgeous, that's all I gotta say about it! Just found this picture and I guess Champagne is one of the Metro Chic polishes which Pure Ice describes as urban metallic chrome. So there ya go :P

Thank you Victoria for all of my new pretties! I can't wait to try them all out. I can tell I'm going to have a lot of fun with all of them :)

Hmm.. I said I was going to keep this short? Oops, sorry about that! I leave you with one picture. Aside from the telephone wires and what not, this would be really pretty! This is sunrise out my side window a couple of days ago.

... and actually, here's one more. Here's the view from my Western window that same morning. It was really weird how you could see the sun coming up in the West as well. Not the best picture, but I think you'll get the idea. I suppose the cloud coverage, and the reflections from Lake Michigan were responsible for this.

It was strange looking West in the morning and seeing that all of the trees looked almost on fire. Very pretty! That's pretty much all we got of Sandy, just a lot of winds and clouds. I hope all of you have stayed safe. Thanks for reading :)

Oh - before I forget, I do have a long list of things to blog about this week but I'm not going to promise you anything right now. I definitely need to get my October Haul post done sometime, and there will definitely be more Winter polishes and more giveaways, and one manicure but that's all I'm promising for now.


  1. Glad everything got to you unbroken! Hope you enjoy them. & my husband is the one who picked out the Pure Ice :o).

  2. Lucky girl, those polishes look divine!

    Jazz x

  3. Congrats on winning the giveaway and enjoy your goodies! :0)

  4. More goodies :) Nice haha and I love the sunrise~!!