Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Winter Polishes Part 2

I'm seeing a lot of posts about holiday collections so I thought I'd take a minute to mention a few of them before I continue on with the ones I've seen and would like! 

The Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kolor Holiday 2012 collection has been announced but first I'm looking back at last year's collection. Scrangie posted swatches on her blog last year and Kim-pletely In Love is going on my wishlist after viewing her swatches. 


So, back to this year, Swatch and Learn posted the promo pictures last week. I'm waiting to see some swatches before I make up my mind about these.

Speaking of OPI, Blushing Noir just posted photos of the new James Bond inspired collection. Again, I want to see some swatches before I make up my mind on these. That gold is catching my eye, though! This collection will be released this month so not exactly a Winter collection but I thought I'd mention it anyway :)

Just today Cosmetic Sanctuary posted the debut pictures of the new China Glaze polishes for 2012. These are supposed to be released sometime next month! I'm not going to repost all of the mini sets here but I did want to let you know CS shared them! There's so many and once again China Glaze packed them with extra goodies like candles, gloves, a teddy bear... the polish lover but also the set collector in me is freaking out right now! I'm not sure which set I love most! Hopefully I can someday get my hands on one of them :)

The Essie collections I've seen so far look pretty boring. Overall, I'm not impressed with the color options from Essie. I do love Shine of the Times of course, so it's disappointing to me that their other polishes are just kinda 'eh'.

Here's Winter 2011.

Then there's the Winter 2012 colors. That red looks like it might be pretty.

I don't know though.. so far of what I've seen of the new Winter colors, nothing really screams out at me. I'm looking forward to seeing what the Indies come up with :)

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