Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sally Hansen HD: Warm Vs. Cold Part 1

I'm trying to get caught up on a few things around here so I'm going to be posting a ton of manicure spam over the next week or so... hope no one minds? ;) I'm going to have tons and tons of pictures to show you today!

I'm going to start off with the manicure I did right before I took my short hiatus: Sally Hansen HD polishes which I won from Polish Etc. I have nine polishes to show you here so I'm going to start out with the warm colors:

09 Byte
10 LCD
11 Wavelength
12 Hue

I also tried out the franken Fantasy Fire dupe she made! If Fantasy Fire is half as gorgeous as my dupe, it's well worth the effort of getting it!

You know I love my ombre / skittle / every other nail manicures so I did the warm colors on one hand, cold on the other, with my FF dupe over white on one hand and over black on the other. I'm not sure if this would be considered an ombre or skittle? Let me know what you think.

So, here's what's on my nails, starting with my thumb:

3 layers each of Hue, then Wavelength, LCD, I think it was 1 layer of my Fantasy Fire dupe over 2 layers of LA Colors Circuits and finally Byte.

 Sorry for the crummy picture but I wanted you to see the red fire in the FF dupe and also the glitter in LCD.

Overall I was very happy with this collection. The polishes didn't have quite as much shine and sparkle as what I had hoped but they each were gorgeous. From what I can remember they lasted pretty well, also. I think I wore them about 7 days with very few chips. That last photo there you can see where Wavelength was starting to chip but I do believe that was after several days of wear. Thumbs up for this long lasting polish collection.

Out of these four, Hue is definitely my favorite. Pretty ironic because yellow is one of my least favorite colors but to me Hue is just gorgeous! A very nice soft lemony yellow. In fact, I was showing my sister in law my polishes recently and Hue was the one she picked up out of this collection and commented on. Definitely a winner here.

As you can see from the photos, LCD is pretty sheer. Even with three coats, I think I would prefer it over another color. That is one trait I found with this collection; a few of the polishes are more sheer than others. Which I suppose is nice for those who love sheer colors. I do believe its the sheer colors which tend to pack the most variants in shine and glitter as you should also be able to tell from the photos. Some of them, such as Wavelength, look almost boring in comparison to the other colors in the collection.

As always, my camera didn't capture the full beauty of these polishes... but I do have more photos to share with you ;) I did try to take photos in a few different lighting conditions, also.

Since I get bored easily, I decided I wanted something a little bit different after wearing this manicure for a few days so I threw 1 coat of Shine of the Times on top. As you can tell from the pictures, it doesn't really show up over Hue at all. You can also see I accidentally got a black speck of something stuck in the polish. :b oops! Shine of the Times didn't show up very well over one of the other polishes - I think it was Wavelength - so I applied Zoya Opal on top and that finally did bring out some flakies :) Byte and LCD really came to life with Shine of the Times!

So what do you think? Which one is your favorite of these 4?

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  1. Byte was my fav, until u fancied them up a lil with the Essie & Zoya, then ff became my fav bc it reminds me so much of that pic on Copius of Klean Kolors Black Chuncky Holo (which I luv'd so much I ended up ordering the whole set from amazon last month lol). Looks like, according to the pics, u made a pretty dupe for one of my fav's! But they're all pretty tho, I think I just expected brighter colors.