Monday, October 22, 2012

I need to rant...

I'm in a fun mood today, so please excuse me while I spend a minute ranting.

It's been one of those days; I've been awake for just over 2 hours and so far lots of things have been going wrong and getting on my nerves. I discovered a Facebook friend is no longer my friend. Why? Dunno. I'm assuming she found one of the videos I posted on MY wall to be offensive. Eh, whatever. I'm offended by one thing or another on almost a daily basis, but you don't hear me whining about it. I'm sick of this double standard there seems to be within our society... but that's getting way off track.

I want to talk about Julep. While it's great they're making changes to their site and trying to improve things for customers, I'm really annoyed and disappointed at how they've approached it. First of all, their timing is awful! Launching a new site, a new rewards system right before products are being released is just asking for trouble! They should have worked out most of the kinks before they even launched everything, and they should have launched it much further from the monthly box order dates. It seems so many people are still having trouble using the new site, let alone placing orders, skipping the month, etc. I for one discovered that their new skip the month form doesn't even come up in Firefox, so I had to use Internet Explorer.

The main reason I'm annoyed with them is the whole Jule system. Here's the first problem I have with Jules: "You can only use your Jules if you have enough to purchase the entire item." Well, great. I currently have 1200 Jules and 900 of those I'm going to lose soon because they still have not given me my referral Jules. Because Jules expire, and for all I know I may never get another referral, its possible I could eventually lose the Jules I did earn. It's frustrating on this end, for certain. I've written them twice, posted on their wall, and I still have not heard from them and I still do not have my Jules.

Next up is Coterie. I know a lot of people are saying how much they love this site so far, but I'm not one of them. I've missed out on pretty much all of the deals because either they sell out so quickly or because I never got any notifications, emails, etc. about the sales. So because of that I still haven't placed an order with them, and from what I've heard I'm not sure I would want to. It sounds like orders and taking a long time to be filled.

My main beef with Coterie is that today I discovered two of my promo codes had expired. OK, I understand that their codes probably wouldn't last forever and it's starting to look like I'm not ever going to order anything from them. However, if you're going to give someone a promo code, you should let them know when they expire! Neither email included any kind of expiration date, or even indicated they expire. I assumed I could use them for awhile. Of course you know what they say when you assume things.....

So, that's about that. I still have another much longer rant to go on about, but I think this one has taken most of the wind out of me for the moment.

edit: I forgot one more thing: Sinful Colors are on sale this week at Walgreens. I have bronchitis. I can't get to Walgreens. They STILL don't have any Sinful Colors on their Web site! I don't know what the deal is, sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. Currently they don't :(

edit: Julep FINALLY gave me my Jules, so I'm getting a free box this month, yay! :)


  1. Grats on the free box and remember to share with us what came to you ya... I also have someone Unfriend me for no reason too.. but hey don't let it get to u cos it is their loss not yours.. you are a wonderful person and you deserve better.

    Keep smiling girl!

    1. Aww thank you, you're sweet!!! I will definitely share my free box with you all :)