Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Manicures

Prepare for a bunch of photo spam!

First, let me show you what I'm currently wearing! I updated my manicure a couple of days ago by adding Kleancolor Chunky Copper.

Here's some more photos of my other manicures. I got a ton of compliments on these two manicures, thank you KKCenterHK!

For the first manicure I used:

KKCenterHK decals N.NAIL-WDHHK099

pumpkins, green: Wet n Wild Sage in the City topped with Kleancolor Leaves Jingle. I do have to comment that this set of Kleancolor polishes does not stink, yay! After my experience with Holo Yellow, I was kind of weary of trying any other Kleancolor polishes.

pumpkins, orange: Deborah Lippmann Footloose, Zoya Arizona and Alter Ego Penny Pincher. I didn't have the right shade of orange, so I had to layer a bunch until I got the shade I wanted. I will mention that the two Alter Ego polishes I own are a bit tricky to work with. They do separate, and even when mixed up well it's almost impossible to not get chunks of the color pigment on the brush. Such a shame because the colors are very pretty.

candy corn: Sinful Colors Tokyo Pearl, Wet n Wild the Wonder Yellows and Zoya Myrta.

For the second manicure I used:

KKCenterHK decals N.NAIL-WDHHK099

1 coat Barry M Bright Purple, topped with 1 coat of Wet n Wild Night Prowl. I then used a nail art brush to paint on the flames in layers. For the flames I used Sally Hansen HD Resolution, Viva la Diva 112 and CHNail 02. We discovered that the Viva la Diva actually glows under black light better than the CHNail polish.

 I tried taking pictures of this manicure in the dark but my camera didn't want to have anything to do with it, so here are a few pictures of it under black light. Pretty cool!

I really had a lot of fun with these and I hope you enjoyed my photos :)


  1. I'm so obsessed with kleancolor its unhealthy! that one is so gorgeous! looks like little bits of amber. :)

    Jazz x

    1. I love the Kleancolor minis. it does look like amber now that you mention it :)

  2. I love how they look in the dark.. pretty mani~!!