Friday, September 21, 2012

short update

Hi everyone,

First of all thanks to all of my new followers! I never imagined I would gain followers while taking a hiatus, wow! Thanks to all of you who continue to support my blog. Thanks to all of you who wished me well, also! I do appreciate it, and I read each of your comments. I just didn't get a chance to respond to them all.

I'm hanging in here. My head is feeling better than what it was for the past few months for some reason and that alone is a big improvement. Last week I had a bit of a head cold or something. I've had this sore throat for almost 2 weeks now. So on top of things I've just been completely exhausted and haven't been doing much. I am starting to get my energy back, little by little.

So, while I mentally and physically am starting to feel better, and I'm starting to want to work on the blog again... there's the issue of my computer. I finally felt up to turning it on today, and I finally diagnosed the problem: bad RAM. I *think* I could just swap the RAM out of my boyfriend's old computer and try it out in mine but I haven't attempted that yet. I haven't talked to my boyfriend yet either so I'm not certain what he'll want to do about it :)

Anyway, I wanted to let you all know that because of the computer problems I still don't have access to my files so I won't be back posting giveaways for awhile. To be honest, since I've had this break I'm not really sure I want to continue posting the giveaways or not. I'm definitely going to keep doing polish and review posts but I'm just not sure. So we'll see.

(I do have one big giveaway post in mind... but I don't really know right now when or how I will do it. Just a heads up!)

Thanks for hanging with me!

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